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We Can Help:

Automotive repair
Alternator Repair
Air Conditioner Repair
Brake Repair Carburetor Repair
Coolant System Flush
Computer System Service
Exhaust Bending & Replacement
Oil Changes
Starter Repair
Tire Mounting & Balancing
Tire Repair Transmission Flush
Rear End Service
Valve Jobs
And Much More...

Automotive Repair

Our services are not limited to just what we have highlighted on this page. If there is a service that you need that is not listed here chances are good that we provide it and just didn’t want to make this listing too long. So give us a call 641-228-5073

Computer Diagnostics

With our State Of The Art scan tools we can look into the information of the computer system in your car and help gather information to determine what is going on with your vehicle.

Brake Service

We can complete a full brake service on your vehicle. This includes turning the rotors or drums to correct any warping or grinding or replacement due to not enough metal, replacement of brake system hardware, replacement of calipers and/or wheel cylinders, and replacement of brake pads and/or shoes.

Tire Service

We have a full line of tires that we can order in.  Most of the time less cost than other local locations. We also have to option of getting almost all tire orders next day delivered to better serve you.

From puncture holes to corrosion build up on those aluminum rims, bad valve stems, or replacing the tire we take care of it here.

Oil Charnges, and servicing

We go the extra mile for you with every oil change.  We also look the vehicle over for any damaged or worn parts and inform the customer of the problem and cost of repairs.

Wheel Alignment

Our alignment machine can align just about anything out there. Bring your car in today for a check to see if there is an alignment problem.

Custom Exhaust

We can repair almost any exhaust system and with our bending equipment we can bend pipe up to 3" diameter.