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IS2100Z Zero Turn Mower

Get the smoothest ride on our fuel-efficient, zero turn mower built for rough terrain.   

Spend one day in the saddle of our IS® 2100Z commercial riding mower and you'll quickly understand why. When you encounter bumpy terrain, you know the drill with other brands - slow down to a crawl, or become a human jackhammer as you bounce up and down in your seat.

Not so with Ferris' patented suspension technology. The IS 2100Z zero turn lawn mower boasts full rear suspension and independent suspension in front. As the forward wheels of the mower track over those unexpected bumps and depressions , the adjustable coil-over-shock system restores control to the operator. You'll stay seated and steer with greater confidence. As an added benefit, the reduced stress makes this a zero turn mower that lasts longer.

Combined with Ferris'iCD™ engineering under the mower deck, the IS2100Z delivers consistently accurate cutting performance in diverse conditions without the need to slow down. The cutting deck is mounted independently of the suspension system, barely affected by hills and holes, so you spend more time traveling at high ground speeds without scalping the expertly manicured turf under your care.

At the heart of these brawny lawn mowers is our dual commercial Hydro-Gear®  ZT-4400® transaxle system, designed to endure even the most merciless day on the job. You'll pair it with your choice of four impressive engine options from Kawasaki®, Kohler® and Vanguard™. Any one of them will deliver all the reliable, get-up-and-go a professional landscaper could want.

If fuel economy is your hot button, the Vanguard™ 810cc EFI delivers uncommon efficiency without sacrificing output. Leading the industry in fuel efficiency, this beefy new, American-made1 V-twin unleashes 28 gross horsepower* while reducing fuel consumption by up to 25 percent3. And for those with an insatiable appetite for performance, the Vanguard™ 32-gross HP V-Twin BIG BLOCK™ unleashes incomparable power for a riding mower this size, with low vibration and noise cancellation technology.

The IS 2100Z is an aggressive zero turn mower built to satisfy an eager work attitude, whether you're a full-time commercial landscaper or a discriminating homeowner looking for all you could ever need.

·         iCD™ Cutting System with included striping kit delivers maximum cutting performance and enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening. The IS 2100Z comes with your choice of 52" and 61" wide decks.

·         The commercial zero turn mower line equipped with adjustable front and rear suspension, delivering a refined ride and a more consistent cut at higher traveling speeds

·         Protected by our 2+2 year limited warranty.2





  • Foot-Operated Deck Lift

Foot-operated deck lift, with adjustable pedal, can change cut height in 1/4" increments from 1.75"- 5".

  • Patented Lawn Mower Suspension

Suspension system consists of adjustable rear coil-over-shocks (shown) and front independent adjustable coil-over-shocks.

  • Easy Access

Quick removal of the floor pan provides convenient access to the top of the deck for easy cleaning and service.

  • Integrated Lawn Mower Transmission

Fully serviceable commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-4400™ transaxles deliver power and durability.

  • Smooth Controls

Smooth, precision controls last longer as a result of pillow block bearings on control mounts.

  • iCD™ Cutting System

Innovative iCD™ Cutting System was engineered to product the best possible cut in a multitude of conditions.

  • Acres Per Hour

Mows up to 5 acres per hour, based on 80% efficiency.

  • Spindles

Features cast-iron greaseable (61" model shown) or aluminum greaseable (52") spindles.

  • Flip-up Seat

Flip-up seat provides easy access to serviceable components. Belt and blade part numbers are referenced under seat.

  • Miles Per Hour

Up to 10 MPH ground speed, reverse 6 MPH.

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26 gross hp* / 810cc 

Vanguard™ 810cc 

52" iCD™ 


28 gross hp* / 810cc 

Vanguard™ 810cc EFI 

52" iCD™ 


25.5 gross hp** / 852cc 

Kawasaki® FX801V 

52" iCD™ 


26 gross hp* / 810cc 

Vanguard™ 810cc 

61" iCD™ 


25.5 gross hp** / 852cc 

Kawasaki® FX801V 

61" iCD™  


28 gross hp* / 810cc 

Vanguard™ 810cc EFI 

61" iCD™  


32 gross hp* / 896cc 

Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ 

61" iCD™  


27 gross hp* / 747cc 

Kohler® EVC749 Command PRO EFI

61" iCD™  

*Rated in accordance with SAEJ1940 at 3600 RPM.

**Rated in accordance with SAE J2723 at 3600 RPM.

‡ See your dealer for warranty details.