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IS600Z Zero Turn Mower

The best zero turn mower for professional landscapers on a budget.

If money were no object, you'd equip your lawn care business with an advanced, commercial-grade zero turn mower. If you're on a budget, you'll be glad to know you still can.

The compact sized IS® 600Z will fit most garden sheds and trailers with room to spare, yet comes loaded with all the power and enhancements that make Ferris mowers an industry giant. That means you can perform any lawn project like an expert while saving time and money.

How do we do it? Start with our signature full rear adjustable suspension system complemented by a shock-assisted, pivoting front axle. You'll feel the difference immediately, a surprisingly refined ride for a wide area mower, providing greater control to mow evenly over rough ground faster – with less scalping than a non-suspension mower. Traction is also improved for added stability riding up hills and around obstacles.

On to our rock-steady deck options. Under the 48" models, you'll find our signature iCD™ Cutting System, equipped with an included professional lawn striper for an expertly groomed finish every time. Our 44" models feature a 10-gauge fabricated cutting deck and can be outfitted with the lawn striper (sold separately for the 44" deck). Both decks have greaseable aluminum spindles for dependable service and long-lasting Marbain® steel blades for a consistently superior cut. Large-acreage homeowners, prepare to make your neighbors jealous.

This spirited mid mount mower comes with your choice of powerful V-twins. Consider the American-made1, 25-gross-horsepower* Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series™ motor. Or, choose the 18.5-gross- hp** Kawasaki® FS600V. You can pair either power plant with a 44- or 48-inch cutting deck.

Just like its big brother, the IS 700Z, this riding mower comes equipped with our dual commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400® transaxles – one more feature raising the bar not only in quality, but also commercial readiness. When the badge reads Ferris on the outside, you can rest assured there's proven performance inside.

Perhaps you thought owning a commercial-grade zero turn mower was a pipe dream. Now you know nothing stands in your way. We built the nimble IS 600Z to close the gap between what you can afford and what you truly want.

·         iCD™ Cutting System 1 (available on the 48" model) delivers maximum cutting performance and enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening. The 44" model features a 10-gauge fabricated, double-top deck with reinforced side skirts and overlap welded corners. Both include a professional lawn striper.

·         The Ferris® commercial zero turn mower line equipped with patented suspension technology, delivering a refined ride and a more consistent cut at higher traveling speeds.

·         Protected by our 2+2 year limited warranty.2


  • Debris Management

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series™ engines are built with the ultimate in dust and particle filtration, an advanced debris management system and beefed-up cylinder block structure.

  • Operator Convenience

Ergonomic control panel features cup-holder and fuel gauge

  • Patented Suspension

Suspension system consists of rear coil-over-shocks with dual cast-iron maintenance-free suspension arms (shown) and front independent adjustable coil-over-shocks.

  • Exceptional Performance

Patent-pending steering system delivers exceptionally smooth performance.

  • Integrated Transmissions

Commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400® transaxles are designed for high performance and are fully serviceable.

  • Easy Access

Quick removal of the floor pan provides convenient access to the top of the deck for easy cleaning and service.

  • Protection

Heavy-duty bumper protects the engine while also allowing for easy service access.

  • Smooth Controls

Smooth, precision controls last longer as a result of pillow block bearings on control mounts.

  • Spindles

Cast-aluminum greaseable spindles feature 1” shaft with 2.5” x 1” dual ball bearings with top access grease fittings and pressure relief valve.

  • Acres Per Hour

Mows up to 4 acres per hour, based on 80% efficiency.

  • Cut Height

Foot-operated deck lift, with adjustable pedal, can change cut height in 1/4" increments from 1.5"- 4.5".

  • Miles Per Hour

Ground speed is up to 10 mph (48") and 8 mph (44"), reverse 4 mph.

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IS 600Z Model


Rating / Displacement

Cut Width


Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series™

25 gross hp* / 724cc

44" 10-gauge fabricated


Kawasaki® FS600V

18.5 gross hp** / 603cc

44" 10-gauge fabricated


Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series™

25 gross hp* / 724cc

48" iCD™


Kawasaki® FS600V

18.5 gross hp** / 603cc

48" iCD™

1Engine is made in the US of US and global parts.

2See your local Ferris dealer for warranty details. Mower and engine are covered by separate warranties.

Ferris mowers are capable of travelling at high ground speeds. Since turf can have unexpected bumps, depressions, inclines or declines, only operate your mower at a pace that allows you to maintain full control and remain seated at all times.

*Rated in accordance with SAE J1940 at 3600 RPM.

**Rated in accordance with SAE J2723 at 3600 RPM.